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The Korjo USB Adaptor – Europe (Italy and Switzerland) is for use with Australian / NZ appliances PLUS USB charged devices at home in Australia AND in Europe (INCLUDING Italy, Switzerland but not UK). You can also use this adaptor in Chile, Brazil, Bali, Noumea, Tahiti, and parts of the middle East, Asia & Sth America.

Accepts ONLY 2 pin Australian / NZ appliances

Accepts 2 x USB devices

USB Adaptor – Europe (Italy and Switzerland) features:

  • Colour coded trim on the adaptor (yellow = EU) for easy recognition in your bag or drawer
  • Colour coded trim on the packaging for easy recognition in store
  • Electrical socket rated to 10A
  • 2 x USB sockets, total 2.4A
  • Rapid charge USB sockets
  • Surge suppression to USB sockets
  • Removable adaptor connection – use at home or away
  • Smallest, smartest and safest adaptors in the Australian market
  • Approved by: Australian Electrical Authorities

USB Adaptor – Europe (Italy and Switzerland) is used in:

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Italy and Switzerland
  • Chile and Brazil
  • Europe – eg France,

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm

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