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When it comes to travelling, one aspect that often causes stress and headaches is finding reliable and convenient airport parking. As a traveller, you want a secure and hassle-free parking experience that allows you to start your journey with peace of mind. On your journey to find the best airport parking in Sydney, it’s important to do due diligence on the multiple features of each service. Here we’re comparing Qantas Valet with Park on King. If you’re undecided on which to book for your next holiday, we’ve outlined the differences in facilities, location, and price so that you can make an informed judgement.


When choosing your parking, parking on-site vs. off-site has different advantages. Which park is closer to the terminal?

Qantas Valet: The Qantas Valet service operates a short walk away from Domestic Terminal 3.

Park on King: Park on King’s facility is located 4.1 km (6 minutes) from the international terminal and 1.3 km (4 minutes) from the domestic terminal. There is a complimentary shuttle bus service to the domestic terminal and an on-demand bus shuttle service to the international terminal.

The verdict: Qantas valet is located at a shorter walking distance from the airport, but Park on King offers a seamless and convenient experience for those who would like to park off-site and keep their keys.


How many customers does each service have, and how many of these have left positive reviews?

Park on King: Park on King is a multi-award-winning car park that has an exceptional Google Reviews ranking. They have over 1000 5-star Google Reviews, and an overall rating of 4.8 stars. 1000+ people have received an exceptional pick-up, drop-off, and car maintenance service with Park on King. The company also boasts a 4.9-star Facebook rating.

Qantas Valet: This service has an overall 2.6 star Google rating, with some concerns about the cleanliness of returned cars after being parked in the Qantas Valet lots. At Park on King, we offer underground and sheltered parking spaces so that your car will never be less clean than when you admitted it. The company additionally only has 31 Google ratings, making it hard to assess the validity of the service reviews.

The verdict: Park on King has hosted more satisfied customers than many of their competitors, with not only more positive reviews but more reviews overall than that of Qantas Valet. Park on King’s quality has never been doubted by any of its 1200 reviewers.

Courtesy Bus Schedule

Courtesy buses are extremely vital when parking off-site. Opt for a reliable service if you want to prevent anxiety or a missed flight. Which service makes it the easiest to reach your gate on time?

Park on King: Park on King’s shuttle bus drops visitors to and from both airport terminals. Park on King’s shuttles run continuously within opening hours to ensure customers reach their gate without stress. The shuttle service also ensures customers are able to locate exactly where they need to be to catch their flight.

Also, for customers based in the Sutherland Shire who don’t own a vehicle, Park on King offers a door-to-plane shuttle service in a 10-seater mini bus.

Qantas Valet: Parking here offers direct access to Terminal 3 through a 3-4 minute walk. If you are carrying unwieldy luggage, opting for a service with a complimentary shuttle may be a better option, especially if you are flying internationally and departing from T1.

The verdict: While Qantas Valet is in a short walk’s proximity to Terminal 3, Park on King is the more versatile solution as the shuttle bus can help you arrive at terminals 1, 2 and 3 with any sort of luggage. Park on King understands that the last thing you want to worry about while on a time schedule for a flight is navigating a terminal location.


Price point is an essential consideration for most travellers. Which service is the least expensive without sacrificing quality?

Park on King: Park on King offers differentiated rates for weekdays and weekends, so you can get better rates by being a savvy traveller and booking in advance. Prices can go as low as $20 per day for longer stays, and the maximum is around $50 for a drive-up charge. 7 days will set you back, on average, $180.

Qantas Valet: Qantas Valet offers a fixed rate of $99 per day, and their lowest daily rate for extra days on 7+ day stays is $71 dollars. They do not reduce the cost for the entire stay on long stays and instead adhere to a pricing table found on their website. 7 days will set you back $525.

The verdict: Park on King is the clear frontrunner in price, not to mention the complimentary domestic terminal shuttle.

Corporate options

Loyalty programs can be a great way to snap up discounts for the frequent flyer. Which company offers better bonus services?

Park on King: Park on King offers a corporate pricing portal where businesses can get large discounts on company travel. Partner benefits include:

  • Save big with competitive rates
  • Access easy booking management of your team’s airport parking
  • Multiple airport parking options to choose from to suit your budget requirements
  • Track your company’s airport parking bookings

Qantas Valet: Qantas Valet parking currently offers no corporate parking discounts.

Park on King’s competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and great reviews make it an ideal choice for travellers seeking reliable and cost-effective parking solutions. The state-of-the-art facilities, including secure indoor and outdoor parking spaces, 24/7 surveillance, and free shuttle services, provide peace of mind and convenience. Qantas Valet may appeal to passengers who prioritise a valet service and direct access to the airport terminal, but Park on King’s holistic approach, affordability, and commitment to customer satisfaction outweigh these benefits.

Park On King
Qantas Valet
Shuttle Closest To Terminals
Highest Rating On Facebook And Google
Corporate Airport Parking Program
Affordable Pricing
Ease of Access to Terminal
You Keep Your Car Keys

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