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The Best Budget Airport Parking in Sydney

Every savvy traveller knows that the on-site parking at Sydney Airport is overpriced and should be avoided if you want to keep costs down. While rates at both the domestic and international on-site car parks exceed $50 a day, off-site car parks located a short distance from the airport offer far more affordable prices. Park n Fly and Park on King both provide a significantly cheaper alternative for Sydney Airport parking, but which one should you choose?

Shuttle Convenience

Since they’re not within walking distance of the terminals, Park & Fly and Park on King both offer a complimentary shuttle to their customers. But which car park shuttle has the shortest route to the airport and which is the biggest?

Park & Fly: Free on-demand shuttle to domestic and international terminals. The shuttles used are Volkswagen Transporters, carrying 7 passengers

Distance from car park to airport terminals:

International Terminal 1 – 4.4kms

Domestic Terminal 2 – 1.8kms

Domestic Terminal 3 – 1.4kms

Park on King: Free on-demand shuttle to domestic and international terminals. The shuttles used are Toyota Hiace Commuter buses, carrying up to 12 passengers

Distance from car park to airport terminals:

International Terminal 1 – 3.9kms

Domestic Terminal 2 – 1.3kms

Domestic Terminal 3 – 850m

(Note: Distance is measured as per Google Maps)

The verdict: Both offer on-demand shuttles directly to all three terminals. Park on King is closer to domestic and international terminals meaning they will generally offer a faster transfer time. Park on King also has larger shuttles to better accommodate travellers’ luggage, meaning you won’t have to wait for the next shuttle because the luggage store is full.

Parking Options

Everybody likes to have options when it comes to choosing the right parking to suit their needs and budgets. Undercover parking is usually more expensive than outdoor parking because cars are more protected from the elements. So what are the parking options offered by Park & Fly and Park on King?

Park & Fly: The car park offers only one option for parking; valet undercover parking.

Park on King: The car park offers five levels of undercover parking (each with different pricing), VIP parking & Rooftop open-air parking.

The verdict: Park on King has more undercover options with pricing to suit all budgets.

Larger Vehicles

Those with larger vehicles may struggle to find car parks that can accommodate them, so which car park is best for larger vehicles?

Park & Fly: Parking bays are a standard size and height clearance is 2 metres or less.

Park on King: Parking bays are larger than average and standard height clearance is 2.2 metres, and Park on King can also offer a clearance of 2.4 metres for a limited number of vehicles (when booking VIP).

The verdict: Park on King can accommodate larger vehicles than Park & Fly.


The cost of parking is one of the key factors in deciding which car park to choose. Even a few dollars difference in daily rates can add up to a lot during a long trip. So which car park is cheaper – Park on King or Park & Fly?

Park & Fly: Online rates for outdoor self park start from $30 per day. Undercover parking starts from $37.50 per day.

Park on King: Rates vary according to availability and parking type, but Park on King’s base rate for parking is lower than Park & Fly. You can get a free instant quote for your parking here.

The verdict: Both operators provide online discounts and special rates for longer term parking, but Park on King’s rates are usually cheaper.


One of the best ways to decide which service to choose is to read other customers’ experiences. So which car park gets better reviews?

Park & Fly: Receives 4.5 stars on Google based on 739 reviews & has removed the option for review from their Facebook page.

Park on King: Receives 4.8 stars on Google based on 1,438 reviews and  4.9 stars on Facebook based on the opinion of 1,227 people.

The verdict: Park on King customers rate their parking experience significantly higher than Park & Fly customers.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a great way to save money on your parking. So which car park offers the best rewards to loyal customers?

Park & Fly: You can earn $1 in loyalty rewards for every $10 you spend (excluding special offers and promotions)

Park on King: Park on King customers can earn rewards points in a number of ways. They earn points for every booking, as well as for leaving a review or following Park on King on social media. Customers also instantly earn one day’s free parking when they refer a friend.

The verdict: Park & Fly only offers rewards based on the money customers spend with them. Park on King rewards customers for lots of different things, not just the money they spend. Park on King customers can also refer a friend an unlimited number of times to instantly receive one free day of parking.

Transferring Kids

There are minimum age requirements for transferring children on shuttles, so which shuttle service will accommodate the youngest passengers?

Park & Fly: won’t transfer children under one year old.

Park on King: Park on King customers can transfer with infants as young as six months old.

The verdict: You can’t use the Park & Fly shuttle if you have a baby with you. Park on King allows babies over six months old, making it easier for new families.

THE FINAL VERDICT: Park on King is closer to the airport, gets better reviews and offers more options and better value than Park & Fly. Click here to get your free online quote for Sydney Airport’s best budget parking.

Park & Fly
Park On King
Shuttle Closest To Terminals
Largest Shuttle
Accommodates Larger Vehicles
Cheapest Parking Options
Highest Rating On Facebook And Google
Offers Free Parking For Referring A Friend

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