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Most of us will happily spend time and effort scouring the web for the best deals on flights and the highest rated hotels when we’re planning a trip, but what about parking? It may not be the most exciting element of your trip but doing your research and choosing the right car parking facility can make a big difference to your travel experience, not to mention your travel budget. There are so many options for Sydney airport parking but which one offers the best value for money, as well as convenience, safety and good customer reviews? We compare Mascot Valet and Park on King on all the key criteria you should consider when choosing where to park your car.

Shuttle Convenience

Unless you pay the extortionate rates to park on-site at Sydney Airport, you’ll need to consider how you’ll be getting from the car park to your terminal. Off-site parking facilities generally offer a free shuttle to the airport, but some can end up being a major hassle while others will ensure a seamless, stress-free journey to your terminal. So how do Mascot Valet and Park on King compare?

Mascot Valet: Two shuttle buses, with no information on how frequently they run. In fact their terms and conditions state that no guarantee is given as to the time taken, availability or frequency of shuttles between the carpark and the Sydney International and domestic terminals.

Park on King: Six free, on-demand shuttles to domestic and international terminals. Park on King also has a dedicated back entry on Ewen Street.

The verdict: Park on King has six, on-demand shuttles available, meaning you’ll never have to wait long for your shuttle. Mascot Valet offers no guarantees on the frequency of their shuttles and considering they have only two shuttles available, you could be waiting a long time for your ride to the airport.

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Opening hours

We all know travel is unpredictable and you might need to access your car at odd hours – so what are your options if your flight gets in late at night?

Mascot Valet: Open 5am to 11pm only.

Park on King: Open 4.30am to 11pm with after-hours access available through a verified check-in system.

Verdict: Only Park on King offers 24/7 access to verified customers without any extra fees or hassle.


Your car is most likely one of your most valuable possessions, so you’ll want to make sure it is properly protected in your absence. While you might think car parks are equally safe, there is actually a big difference between safety measures at different facilities. So how do Mascot Valet Parking and Park on King measure up?

Mascot Valet: No security cameras to monitor the safety of the vehicles and their terms and conditions state that they cannot guarantee the safety of your vehicle.2 The parking facility is located at a factory with a gravel back yard and shade cloths to offer limited protection to the cars.

Park on King: Park on King is a gated, secure car park only open between 4:30am – 11 pm. Outside of these hours only customers with a valid booking can enter the facility. The parking facility has over 40 CCTV cameras throughout the building and is monitored by security patrols 365 days a year. The parking facility is a multi-story, purpose built car park with fully undercover parking available for optimum protection for your car.

The verdict: Park on King has a strong security system in place, while Mascot Valet does not have security measures in place to protect your car, just a barbed wire fence.

Features and facilities

Sometimes it’s the finer details that help determine which parking facility is the right one for you. Always make sure you check all the features, facilities and details when comparing your options. We’ve dug a little deeper on the differences between Mascot Valet and Park on King.

Mascot Valet: Offers car wash. You leave your keys at the parking facility.

2 (Section 6.8 and section 13)

Park on King: Offers car wash, on-site car rental facility, electric vehicle charging stations, baby car seats (for children aged 6 months +) on shuttles and even kids activity packs. You take your keys with you.

Verdict: Mascot Valet is missing some features that may be important to you. It isn’t appropriate for electric vehicles and can’t offer safe shuttle transportation seating for children under 6 months. Park on King offers all these features and also allows you to take your keys with you, so you know they’re safe the whole time you’re gone.

Loyalty Program

If you’re a frequent flyer, a loyalty program could save you a lot in the long run. So what rewards do Mascot Valet and Park on King offer their loyal customers?

Mascot Valet: No loyalty program or discounts are offered to repeat customers.

Park on King: Dedicated loyalty program that allows customers to earn rewards points in a number of ways. They earn points for every booking, as well as for leaving a review or following Park on King on social media. Customers also instantly earn one day’s free parking when they refer a friend.

The verdict: Only Park on King rewards customers for their repeat business, as well as offering a number of different ways for customers to earn reward points and get free airport parking.


Mascot Valet: Receives 4.3 stars on Google based on 96 reviews, Facebook rating not displayed.

Park on King: Receives 4.8 stars on Google based on 768 reviews, 4.9 stars on Facebook based on 846 reviews.

The verdict: Park on King has received far more reviews and has a higher overall rating than Mascot Valet.

THE FINAL VERDICT: Park on King offers a safer facility and more convenient and reliable shuttles than Mascot Valet and it also gets better reviews and rewards loyal customers through a loyalty program. Click here to get your free online quote for Sydney Airport’s best budget parking.

Park & Fly
Park On King
Most frequent shuttles
Loyalty program
Highest rating on Facebook and Google
Charging station for electric cars
Take your keys with you
CCTV cameras monitoring your car
Security patrols 365 days a year
Simple and free after hours access
Multi-award winning airport parking

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