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The Best Budget Parking For Sydney Airport

Parking at Sydney Airport is the most expensive in the country, with day rates at P1, P2 and P3 near the domestic terminals starting from $51 per day and parking at P7 near the international terminal costing a whopping $59 per day. Blu Emu and Park on King both provide a significantly cheaper alternative for Sydney Airport parking, but which one should you choose?

Shuttle Convenience

Since they’re not within walking distance of the terminals, Blu Emu and Park on King both offer a complimentary shuttle to their customers. But which car park shuttle is more convenient?

Blu Emu: Free shuttle bus to domestic terminals every 15 minutes. No shuttle to the international terminal available.

Park on King: Free on-demand shuttle to domestic and international terminals

The verdict: The shuttle bus for Park on King is more frequent and takes passengers directly to both domestic and international terminals.

Parking Options

Parking in an open-air car park is usually the cheapest option but can leave your car more vulnerable to damage from the elements. Undercover parking protects your car, but is not always available at budget car parks. So what are the parking options offered by Blu Emu and Park on King?

Blu Emu: The car park offers open-air parking only.

Park on King: The car park offers open-air parking, three levels of undercover parking and VIP parking.

Both Blu Emu and Park on King are self-parking car parks, meaning you park your own car and take your keys with you.

The verdict: Park on King offers more parking options than Blu Emu, with undercover parking day rates often available for a lower price than Blu Emu’s day rate for outdoor parking.


The main appeal of Blu Emu and Park on King is that they offer Sydney Airport parking for as little as half the price of the car parks within walking distance of the terminals. But which one offers the cheapest parking?

Blu Emu: Online day rates start from $30 per day (open-air). Drive-up day rates start from $34 per day.

Park on King: Rates vary according to availability and parking type, but the best value option is usually more affordable than Blu Emu’s day rate. If you park for 3 or more days and pre-book online, the price can be as low as just $18 per day (undercover). You can get a free instant quote for your parking here.

The verdict: Both operators provide online discounts and special rates for longer term parking, but Park on King’s rates are usually cheaper.


One of the best ways to decide which service to choose is to read other customers’ experiences. So which car park gets better reviews?

Blu Emu: Receives 3.1 stars on Google, does not have a dedicated Facebook page

Park on King: Receives 4.8 stars on Google, 4.9 stars on Facebook

The verdict: Park on King customers rate their parking experience significantly higher than Blu Emu customers.

Loyalty Program

If you fly frequently, loyalty programs can save you a lot of money in the long term. So which car park offers the best rewards to loyal customers?

Blu Emu: No loyalty program offered.

Park on King: Park on King customers can earn points for every booking, as well as for leaving a review or following Park on King on social media. Customers also earn one day’s free parking when they refer a friend.

The verdict: Only Park on King offers rewards for repeat customers.

THE FINAL VERDICT: Park on King offers better value, more parking options and more convenience than Blu Emu and it also gets better reviews. Click here to get your free online quote for Sydney Airport’s best budget parking.

Blue Emu
Park On King
Shuttle Closest To Terminals
Cheapest Parking Options
Highest Rating On Facebook And Google
Offers Free Parking For Referring A Friend
Multi-award Winning Airport Parking

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