How to Decide Which European Country to Visit



In Australia, Winter is known for sunny days with average temperatures in the high teens to low twenties. It is also known as the season when every person you’ve ever met is enjoying a European summer. When you finally decide that this season is the one where you traverse the European continent, you might have trouble choosing which places to visit.


For a collection of countries with their own rich histories and diverse cultures, there is a reason so many Australians fly off to explore Europe. There are those who are only interested in travelling with a tour group and those who are determined to do it on their own. But both kinds of travellers have to go through the arduous process of deciding which European countries to visit. In this blog, we will provide a guide on how to choose which countries to visit on your holiday.


1. Define Your Travel Interests

Start by identifying your travel interests and preferences. Are you a history buff eager to explore ancient ruins and castles? Or perhaps you are a nature enthusiast looking for stunning landscapes and outdoor adventures. Maybe you’re a foodie craving culinary delights or an art lover wanting to visit world-class museums. Understanding your interests will help you narrow down the countries that align with your passions. For Interesting History, visit Italy, Greece, England, or Germany; for striking landscapes, visit Switzerland, Norway, or Scotland; for delightful cuisine, visit Spain, France, or Italy; for classic art, visit Italy, France, or the Netherlands.

2. Consider Accessibility & Travel Time

Living in Australia means you’re in for a long journey to get to Europe. Distance and travel time are crucial factors to consider, as you can lose days on your precious holiday by poorly researching your travel routes. Look for countries that have direct flight connections from Sydney Airport, and which airports are best for you to meet with any tour groups or others you are travelling with. Countries in Western Europe, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy, are typically more accessible to get to from Australia.

3. Weather & Seasons

Australian seasons are the opposite of those in Europe, so consider the climate and weather conditions of your chosen destination. If you prefer warm weather, you might opt for countries like Spain, Italy, or Greece during the Australian winter (like everyone else on Instagram). On the other hand, if you enjoy winter sports or Christmas markets, countries in Northern Europe, such as Sweden, Norway, or Austria, are ideal during the Australian summer. It is all up to personal preference, the reason for your visit, and what temperature you prefer.

4. Budget & Cost of Living

Before travelling, consider your budget. You not only have to budget for the initial outlay of your trip, but the conversion rate of your currency, the cost of living in the country you’re visiting, and anything you might want to buy along the way. Some countries, like Switzerland, are known for their high cost of living and expense, while others like Portugal are considered to be more affordable options. It is worth researching the average prices of accommodation, meals, transportation, and attractions in your desired destinations to ensure you work within your budget.

5. Personal Safety & Security

Most countries in Europe are generally considered safe for tourists, but it can never hurt to check. Check government websites and travel advisories for any warnings or alerts for the places you want to travel to. Depending on your age, gender, or sexuality, you might find that some destinations are considered safer for you than others — especially if you aren’t travelling with a tour group. It is worth familiarising yourself with local customs, laws, and even localised tourist scams to ensure you have a safe and smooth trip.

6. Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations

Sometimes, the best experiences are found off the beaten path. Research lesser-known European countries and regions that may offer unique adventures and cultural encounters. Consider destinations like Slovenia, Croatia, or Estonia, which are gaining popularity among travellers seeking something different from the usual tourist hotspots!

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