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If you’re a savvy traveler, you’ll already know that the smartest option when flying from Sydney Airport is to park your car at one of the off-site car parking facilities rather than the eye wateringly expensive on-site facility. But if you’re searching for affordable options for Sydney Airport parking, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the selection of facilities available. With so many parking options vying for your business, it can be difficult to determine which facility is going to give you the best value for money, service and facilities all under one roof. If you’re tossing up between booking with Air Travel Parking and Park on King, we’ve done the hard work for you, comparing the two facilities for convenience, flexibility, facilities, reviews and more.

Shuttle Convenience

If you’re parking off-site, the shuttle service provided by your car parking facility is extremely important. A late or slow shuttle can cause stress and anxiety and even in some cases, a missed flight. Air Travel Parking and Park on King both offer a convenient shuttle to the terminals, but which is more likely to get you there on time, every time?

Air Travel Parking: The facility has just one shuttle bus available to transport all customers to and from domestic and international terminals. The facility is located 2.8kms (8 minutes) from the domestic terminal and 2.4kms (7 minutes) from the international terminal. The Air Travel Parking shuttle doesn’t have a dedicated pick-up area, but picks passengers up at the public Express pick up area.

Park on King: Six on-demand shuttles to domestic and international terminals. The facility is located 1.1km (4 minutes) from the domestic terminal and just 650m (3 minutes) from the international terminal. The Park on King shuttle picks up from a dedicated pick-up point at Bay 5, just a 1-minute walk from the terminal.

The verdict: Park on King has six shuttles available to pick you up as soon as you need to go to the airport, as opposed to only one, so you’re much less likely to be kept waiting for your shuttle. What’s more, Park on King is located much closer to both airport terminals so the ride will be faster and the risk of getting held up in bad traffic is much lower. On the way back, pick-up is also smoother and faster with Park on King’s dedicated pick-up point at Bay 5.


We all want to feel that we are choosing a company we can trust, especially when we are leaving them responsible for one of our most valuable assets – our car. But we all know some companies seem to bend the truth (or even outright misrepresent themselves), so let’s dig a little deeper into the difference between Air Travel Parking and Park on King.

Air Travel Parking: Their website clearly states they have a 14-seat minibus, 24-seat bus, and 54-seat coach, but in reality, they only have one standard shuttle.

Park on King: All our claims can be backed up – if we claim to offer a service or facility, ask to see evidence and we’ll happily show you! We don’t claim to have a 54-seat coach (we don’t need one), but instead we have six, on-demand airport shuttles which we have found to be the most efficient and convenient way to get our customers to the terminals on time, every time.

The verdict: Park on King is an honest and transparent company – what you see is what you get.


We all know that managing the logistics around a trip can be tricky, so booking flexibility and generous opening hours are key features for any travel booking you’re making. So how flexible and convenient are Park on King and Air Travel Parking?

Air Travel Parking: Open from 5am to 11pm. No refund or credit offered if booking is cancelled within 24 hours.

Park on King: Open from 4.30am to 11pm. 100% credit voucher for cancellations within 24 hours of a booking.

The verdict: Park on King opens earlier, making it a more convenient choice for early morning flights. It also has a more flexible cancellation policy so you don’t have to stress if your travel plans change at the last minute.


When you’re researching the best carpark, it’s easy to focus only on cost, distance from the airport and reviews. But while these are all useful factors to consider when making your decision, it’s also worth considering some of the finer details about how the car park operates and the facilities it has available, as this could make the difference between a fantastic, seamless experience and an irritating one.

Air Travel Parking: This is a basic facility that offers car parking spaces and a shuttle only. It’s a basic, ground-level carpark. They keep your car keys with them while you travel.

Park on King: Offers car rental, electric vehicle charging stations, kids activity packs and hand car wash in addition to standard parking services, as well as a dedicated loyalty program so repeat customers can save money on airport parking. The facility has seven levels, six of which are undercover (top level is rooftop parking).You can enter the parking facility seamlessly due to licence plate recognition technology and you can take your keys with you, offering peace of mind. Park on King even has an option to order an organic fruit and vegetable box which will be waiting for you on your return, saving you from doing a grocery shop on the way home.

The verdict: Park on King has more useful facilities available to customers and is a better equipped, larger facility.


There’s simply no better way to determine which business is likely to leave you with a smile on your face than reading real customer reviews. So, which customers are the happiest?

Air Travel Parking: Receives 2.6 stars on Google based on 101 reviews.

Park on King: Receives 4.8 stars on Google based on 1438 reviews.

The verdict: Park on King has received far more reviews and has a rating twice as high as Air Travel Parking.

THE FINAL VERDICT: Park on King offers more flexibility, more facilities and a faster and more convenient shuttle journey to and from the airport than Air Travel Parking and this is reflected in Park on King’s very high Google rating based on almost 1,000 real customer reviews. Click here to get your free online quote for Sydney Airport’s best budget parking.

Air Travel Parking
Park On King
Longest opening hours
Keep your own keys
Closest to the terminals
Most shuttles
Highest rating on Google
Charging station for electric cars
Loyalty program
Multi-award winning airport parking

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Have been a customer on Park on King about 4 times now. Always impressed by their service and going above and beyond to make you feel like you're in safe hands.



The team was on time and informative and knew exactly where to be for for our return transfers. Made it very easy especially with 2 young children.



My goodness, the service was excellent and efficient on time for drop off and pick up. They took the hassle away and the trouble of trying to find a safe spot to park your car and return to pick it up.



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