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Travel Hacks To Make Your Trip Better


According to our Instagram feeds, it’s the time of year to escape the cold Australian winter and travel to a new, exotic destination. It’s easy to decide where you want to travel, however actually organising and planning your trip can be slightly tricky at times. We have rounded up some travel hacks that will make your trip run as smoothly as possible!

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Go Incognito

Image: Faye Warer

You’ve got your dream destination in mind, now it’s time to book some flights! To make sure you’re getting the best deal when browsing flights, it’s recommended going “Incognito” on your browser to ensure that travel sites aren’t tracking you. Your price may be increased based on your search history, so make sure to go File > New Incognito Window when searching for your flights to save some coin.

Roll Your Clothes

Nope, it’s not a myth – rolling your clothes when you’re packing actually saves a lot of space and saves your clothes from getting wrinkles! This is how most flight attendants pack – and they sure know a lot about travelling.

Get Your Hands on a Portable Phone Charger

Image: Shopify

These nifty little inventions will make travelling a whole lot easier for you. Wandering around the streets of Venice with no phone battery or clue how to get back to your hotel? Just whip out your portable phone charger, plug your phone in and your life is saved. A portable phone charger can set you back around $AU50, but we guarantee you will get endless use out of it throughout the years.

Have Copies of Everything

Image: Whipping Post

Before you leave, it’s a good idea to scan your passport, ID, itinerary and any bookings and email them to yourself. This will help you out a lot in the event of loss or theft, which hopefully won’t happen – but it’s always good to be prepared.

Be Smart with Storage

Image: Adventures of La Mari

If you’re clever with your storage when packing and travelling, it will not only save you space, but it’ll allow you to take advantage of the amazing shopping wherever you are travelling! One way to save storage room is to store all your loose cables and chargers in an old sunglasses case. This keeps everything in place and tidy for when you are unpacking.

Keep Hydrated

Image: Cloud Front

We all know that we aren’t allowed to take water past security at the airport, but we are allowed to take empty water bottles. To save yourself from buying expensive bottled water at the airport be sure to carry an empty water bottle with you from home and refill it after passing security.

Wear Your Heaviest Clothes On The Plane

Image: Pinterest

This might not sound like the greatest idea when you’re lugging yourself and 10kg of extra baggage on your body, but wearing your heaviest jacket and/or shoes on the plane will save you not only space, but potentially some money by avoiding extra baggage costs. An added bonus is that your coat can make for a great pillow on the plane!

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