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  • The Cheapest Day To Buy Airline Tickets
  • The Cheapest Day To Buy Airline Tickets
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The Cheapest Day to Buy Airline Tickets


Are you in desperate need of a holiday, but your bank account disagrees with you? Fear not, travelling is no longer strictly for the rich and famous, you can undeniably reach your ultimate destination on a budget. Here are some tips to help you discover the cheapest way to booking your next holiday.
Best day to book your flight
Truthfully, there is no definitive day of the week that tickets will be cheaper, however what we do know for sure is that you should avoid purchasing flights on a Friday and Sunday. Various articles on the internet claim that Tuesday is the best day for cheaper deals, although there is no concrete evidence for this, there are studies that say that buying during the beginning of the week is the cheapest.
Time and date
A significant attribute to the price of flights is not usually about what day you book the tickets, but the date and time you book to fly out. Like our first point, weekends are the most expensive days to fly in and out. Try your best and book on weekday, and choose flights that are either in the early morning or overnight flights. People tend to not want these times, so the airlines makes them cheaper to fill up seats.
Avoid peak season
If you can avoid it, do not fly during peak season. Airlines know that people will pay extra dollars to see their family during the holiday season and school holiday periods.
The earlier, the better
Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your ticket, the later you leave it the more expensive it will be. The best time to book an international flight is approximately 20 weeks before you plan to fly out, and for domestic it is six weeks before your date of departure. Also, by booking earlier, your bank account can also recover a little faster as well.
Connecting flights
If you don’t have the money but you have the time, opt for connecting flights. Obviously non-stop flights are more convenient, but there are package deals which reduce the prices up to 50% if you do find a connecting flight. Always do you research and compare direct flights with connecting flights, only you will know if a cheaper price is worth the wait.
Remember these tips and tricks are not guaranteed to get you the cheapest rate, for every single flight your heart desires. However, what we can promise is that the cheapest way to get to the airport for when you do fly off, is to leave your car at Park on King. Our current rates are 92% cheaper than parking at Sydney Airport making them officially the cheapest airport parking in Sydney. Book now and save at Park on King!

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