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  • Space Saving Tips
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Space Saving Tips


Planning an overseas trip can be difficult enough, but packing seems even more stressful. Which items do you take, which do you leave behind, and nobody wants to forget something when they’re checking into the airport! If you’re looking to save space and travel smart on your next trip, check-out our list below for some helpful tips.

Do your laundry on the road - space saving travel tips


Do your laundry on the road

Rather than running the risk of overpacking, make sure to plan your outfits strategically before starting your adventure. A new holiday is probably not the best time to break in a new pair of shoes, or to bring along a dress you haven’t worn in years.

Choose a few main pieces such as shirts, shorts, dresses and pants which can be easily coordinated with each other. You can also choose to do your laundry whilst travelling, which might eat into some time during your day, but will help you in the long-run and will keep your suitcase lighter!


Wear your bulky items - space saving travel tips

Image: She In

Wear your bulky items

Travelling during the summer? Planes can be cold so make sure to wear your bulkiest items whilst travelling to lighten your bags, and keep warm on the plane at the same time.


Keep your clothes looking fresh - space saving travel tips

Image: Cosmopolitan

Keep your clothes looking fresh

When travelling with clothes which wrinkle easily, lay the clothing inside of a dry cleaning bag and then fold as normal. The plastic is handy since it prevents creases from developing in the clothes!


Place your shoes at the bottom

Image: Pinterest

Place your shoes at the bottom

Who else has no idea where and how to pack their shoes? Shoes are the perfect place to maximise on space and store your socks and other smaller items which just don’t fit anywhere else! Pack them at the bottom of the suitcase so you can make room for clothes and other valuables.


Roll your clothes

Image: The Other Emily

Roll your clothes

The most effective way to maximise on space is to roll your clothes rather than laying them on top of each other. Try this for yourself and home and compare; we guarantee that rolling your clothes will save on space, and is so quick and easy!



De-pot your liquids

Image: Amazon

De-pot your liquids

Rather than carrying your liquids in their original containers, de-pot them into clear pumps and sprays. This way, you will know just how much product you have left and can monitor the amount of liquids in your checked and carry-on luggage.


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