Seven travel accessories worth splurging on



There’s nothing more exciting than planning for an upcoming trip – exchanging your currency, packing your bags, brushing up on the local language and of course, treating yourself to a new travel accessory (or two) to make your journey just that little bit smoother. These seven super-handy travel tools are definitely worth splurging on – plus if you hit the pre-Christmas sales you might be able to nab a bargain.

Trtl Travel Pillow – $54.95

Most airlines will supply you with a paper thin pillow that does next to nothing to support your neck, so every seasoned traveller knows that a good quality travel pillow is well worth the investment. But if you think your traditional boomerang-shaped neck pillow is as good as it gets, think again. The unconventional-looking Trtl Travel pillow has strengthened ribs to allow you to fully relax your neck and head and can be customised to fit your individual body. It’s also more compact than most traditional neck pillows and is made of super-soft fleece with foam padding.

Manta Sleep Mask – $44.34

OK, so strictly speaking this is more of a sleep accessory than a travel accessory but what’s more important than maximising your ability to sleep on the go when you’re travelling? The Manta Sleep Mask provides a total blackout, perfect for the plane environment where the lights are constantly turning on throughout the night. It’s also super soft against your skin, fully adjustable and doesn’t put any pressure on your eyes. Combined with the Trtl Travel Pillow and a decent set of ear plugs you should be able to sleep anywhere, anytime, leaving you feeling super fresh on your arrival.

July Packing Cells – $55

They might seem like overkill, but once you use cubes to pack, you’ll never go back. Packing cubes allow you to compartmentalise the contents of your baggage, keeping things neat and organised and saving time rummaging through your suitcase. They’re also great to store items you know need to come out of your bag when going through customs (like liquids or electronics). There’s thousands of options available online so shop around to find a style that suits you, but if you’re looking for a splurge, opt for these stylish minimalist July packing cells in Charcoal, Forest or Snow. (Image credit: @victoriazschommler on Instagram)

Solar Power Bank – currently on sale for $49.95

Nothing makes you feel more frantic than facing down a long flight, car or bus ride with an almost-empty phone or iPad battery. Not only does it make for a boring journey, but chances are you need your device for things like booking details, tickets and maps. If you’re travelling overseas, you may not have the right adapter, or charging outlets may not be available, so it’s always wise to have a powerbank up your sleeve to recharge your devices on the go. While any portable power bank will do for most trips, if you’re going off-grid and won’t be able to recharge your bank frequently, grab a waterproof Solar Charger which uses the sun’s energy to store power.

Mon Purse Monogrammed Leather Passport Holder – $69

A travel wallet is really one of those products you had no idea you needed until you start using one. Perfectly sized to fit your boarding passes, passport and other essential travel documents, a travel wallet makes for a calm, organised traveller who never needs to frantically search the bottom of their handbag at the boarding gate. While you can get practical and cute travel wallets for as little as $10, if you’re looking for a splurge, you just can’t go past a mongrammed Mon Purse passport holder – they’re unisex, high quaity, personalised (so you won’t get yours mixed up with your friends) and they also have the benefit of looking extremely chic in a boarding gate flatlay Instagram post.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier -$69.95

While nobody wants to risk drinking dodgy water while travelling overseas, buying endless plastic bottles of water doesn’t seem like a perfect option either. Enter, the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier, which can transform almost any tap water into safe, pure drinking water in just 15 seconds.  The replaceable purifier cartridge prevents viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals from entering your drinking water, keeping your drinking water safe without the heavy cost to the environment (and your wallet).

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noice Cancelling Headphones – currently on sale for $378 at

When you’re not sleeping, you’ll want to be plugged into your iPad, phone or airplane entertainment system kicking back and enjoying your time in transit. A good quality pair of noise cancelling headphones will allow you to completely zone out and relax in the noisy plane environment), plus you can keep getting value out of them by using them on your commute after you return home from your trip. These Sony headphones boast 30 hours of battery life and the ability to easily activate the outside microphone so you can tune into the outside world when necessary. They have been recommended by plenty of tech experts and they’re heavily discounted in the lead up to Christmas so it’s a good time to treat yourself.

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