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Packing Tips For Business Travellers

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Packing Tips For Business Travellers

Business travellers usually have a hundred things running through their minds when planning a trip. This means that frequent flyers will do anything to make the hassle of jet-setting less stressful, especially when working around such a tight and busy schedule. The best way to have an easy business trip starts with being a smart packer.

Here are our best packing tips for business travellers to have a comfortable and efficient trip.

Try stick to just carry-on

Challenge yourself to pack within the confines of a carry-on bag, especially if the business trip is only for a few days. It will save you from waiting at the baggage carousel or the risk of your bag getting lost.

Bring your heaviest garments on the plane

Wear your heaviest and bulkiest items on the plane to save space and weight for both your carry-on and check-in. Not only will wearing your coat save you space, but it will keep you warm on those always cold flights.

Only pack one coat

Speaking of coats, try to build all your outfits around a single coat to be as efficient as possible with the limited space. If you’re travelling in summer, you won’t even need to worry about this tip! Although, it’s quite easy to get cold on a plane, so pack something warm just in case.

Plan your looks

Lay-out each outfit with all your accessories to avoid weighing your bag down with extra and unnecessary garments. It will also ensure that you have packed the appropriate attire for each event and meeting.

Choose certain garments

Pick clothes that are darker colours like black and navy as they hide stains and are easier to mix and match with other items to create a new outfit. Invest in business attire that doesn’t easily crease when in your bag to save you from ironing them in the hotel room.

Place heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase

If you have a wheeled suitcase, place heavier items like toiletries and shoes at the bottom as it distributes the weight to make rolling easier.

Carry your most important items with you

If you decide to check-in a bag, keep your most valuable items with you in your carry-on. Also try to pack a spare change of clothes and basic toiletries on the chance that your check-in bag gets misplaced or damaged.

Always bring backups

Have physical and high resolution digital copies of your driver’s license, passport and credit cards just in case they are stolen or misplaced. Store a physical copy in your check-in and carry-on just to be safe.

Keep these helpful tips in mind to eliminate some of the stress when organising your next business trip. You can also take the stress out of rushing to the airport by parking with Park on King. Our affordable airport parking will securely hold your car, where our shuttle bus service will take you straight to the terminal. Find out more about our opening special and reserve your spot with Sydney’s most affordable airport parking today!