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Natural Remedies Every Traveller Must Know About


Flying can be a fun and exciting experience, but there’s no denying that sickness and fatigue are also an inevitable part of flying, especially if you’re travelling long distances. We’ve compiled a handy list of natural remedies to make your next flight much smoother.

Herbal teas

Image: LiveStrong.com

Herbal Teas

While most flights will have chamomile and peppermint tea available, an excellent way to get a boost of nourishment and enjoy the comfort of something familiar, is to bring your own herbal tea bags! Fennel tea and peppermint tea are good for digestion; rooibos tea is good for circulation; chamomile tea will help you rest and relax.


Image: Medical News Today


There’s nothing worse than suffering from the discomfort of indigestion, especially if you have a long haul flight ahead of you. As a general rule, avoid over-eating and stay away from alcohol or excess intake of fatty or spicy foods before and during the flight. Ginger is a classic herbal remedy to combat indigestion – try candied ginger, taking ginger capsules, eating gingersnaps or even ask the cabin crew for ginger ale!

Image: BBC Good Food

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is available in powder, capsules or pills. This miraculous supplement is becoming popular for its ability to absorb toxins in your system and can treat almost any gastrointestinal pain. Activated charcoal is the perfect remedy for diarrhea, flatulence or any form of food poisoning or digestive distress. Be sure to stay hydrated and take it with plenty of water.

Image: The Lo Down

Tiger Balm

If you’re a sports or fitness enthusiastic, you’ll most likely have used tiger balm for relieving muscular pains and aches. This herbal ointment works by tricking nerve endings with cooling and heating sensations, interrupting other signals from muscle pain or itchy insect bites. Tiger balm can also be used for relieving headaches, insect bites, coughs, stomach aches and nasal congestion, or to prevent any stiffness.

Image: YouQueen

Coconut Oil

Coconut is one of the most versatile health foods and is considered the ‘tree of life’ in tropical countries such as Fiji. Coconut oil can be used as a natural makeup remover, moisturiser, night cream, hair conditioner, to reduce the itch of mosquito bites, for cracked heels and the list goes on!

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