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  • Interesting Travel Trends For 2022
  • Interesting Travel Trends For 2022
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Interesting Travel Trends For 2022


2020 was the year we stayed at home, 2021 was the year of the staycation, 2022 is destined to be the year we explore again! It is set to be an interesting year for travel, reinforcing the travel trends established in 2021 of exploring our backyards along with the introduction of new travel trends including self-care holidays and mindful travel. Whatever type of holiday you are interested in, the next few months are set to be filled with travel, experiences and adventure! Here are some tips for the trends of the upcoming months.  


The Year Of The GOAT


Happy Family Vacation Young Couple In Snorkeling Mask Hold Hand

Have you planned your GOAT for 2022? Yes, you read that correctly! You may be more familiar with this acronym being used about footballers or actors, however, 2022 is set to be the year we decide to take the Greatest of all Trips! (GOAT). With Expedia coining the term GOAT for 2022. Many people have been grounded for the past two years and some have spent the last number of months planning and plotting their once in a lifetime trip and experience, whether it be travelling across Australia or going overseas, there is an urge to ‘go big’ when planning this year’s trip and we agree it’s well deserved! In Australia, high-end resorts, secluded islands and some of the best restaurants are booked out well in advance so there is no time like the present to get organised. 


Scrap That Schedule


A Woman Walking Along A Forest Path In The Australian

After months of continuous schedules working from home, travellers are seeking holidays that go with the flow and embrace newfound freedoms. With travel plans changing at the drop of a hat, many people are happy to make plans off the cuff and book more spontaneous holidays and live in the moment this year.


Enjoy A Splurge-Cation


Guy Jumping In On The Whitehaven Beach In Front Of

2022 is set to be the year we treat ourselves! Since trips this year have been long-awaited, lots of travellers are seeking a little luxury on their trip, from upgrading their hotel room to a suite to booking into a luxury resort on a secluded island. Many planners are ready to treat themselves. 


Mindful Vacations


Tropical Open Yoga Studio Place With People And A View

A large portion of people believe that travel is good for your mental and emotional wellbeing above anything else. Travelling for self-care will increase in popularity in the upcoming months. This comes after two years of the pandemic and the stresses it has brought. 2022 is set to be a year that travellers reset and wellness holidays will be a key feature in this. Activities including meditation retreats, yoga weekends away and outdoor adventures are all set to be popular trips away.


Take A Roadtrip


Karijini Australia June 2017 Campers Near Dales Gorge

Road trips across Australia are to remain popular in 2022, indicating a further rise in domestic travel. As the borders across the country are now open and the border of Western Australia is soon to open in February, exploring different states by road will give travellers the freedom of adventure in the comfort of a campervan or rental car, this will be a popular option when people go for weekend getaways or even long-haul trips interstate.


House Parties Are Back


Eshbol Israel Sep 20 2015 Private Residence In Eshbol Israel

After many months in lockdown, everyone has the urge to reunite with family and friends after all that time spent isolated at home. Although it may be a different style of house party that is on the horizon, with growth in Airbnb and other rental sites with a rise in demand for big house rentals, travellers now want to host smaller parties or get-togethers with friends and family safely as part of their holiday away this year.


Upgrade WFH To WFA


Hipster Girl Working With A Laptop At Home Office In

Working from home is set to upgrade to working from anywhere. Now you can take your job with you, without worrying about border closures or fearing the need to isolate, suddenly working from a remote island is possible.


Bucket List Destinations Evolve To Bucket List Experiences


Uluru Northern Territory Australia Aug 22 2019 Spectacular Uluru

We are no longer satisfied to visit a destination, we now want to experience it, touch, feel and learn about these iconic places and live with the local communities. Take your bucket list one step further and visit the Museum of Underwater Art near Cairns or watch the stars with an astronomer at Uluru.

Whatever travel trend tickles your fancy this year, whether it’s a wellness vacation or set to embark on a GOAT, enjoy planning your return to travel. Make your trip as stress-free as possible and choose Park on King. Our loyalty program will provide great value throughout the year and we offer a range of our other services available to make your trip from the car park to the terminal as seamless as possible. Get an instant quote for your airport parking now!

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