7 Holiday Destinations for Every Kind of Traveller



While most people love travel, not everyone loves it for the same reason. A high-octane itinerary that gives an adventurous traveller an adrenaline rush, might not be a luxurious traveller’s cup of tea. That’s why in this blog we’ve paired countries across the world with the globetrotter types they’re most likely to appeal to — so you can get the most out of your travel plans!


Discover adventure in Nepal


Most well-known for housing the earth’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, there’s actually plenty more to experience in Nepal. Among Everest, the country is home to 10 of the world’s 14 highest mountains, each offering breathtaking views of the glorious Himalayas. Set off on a wildlife safari in Chitwan National Park, and you’ll get up close to the one-horned rhinoceros. As part of the park’s very successful rhino conservation project, there are almost 700 of this species of rhino to observe, along with elephants, crocodiles, tigers and deer. You can even stay in the park overnight — camping it out in a jungle tower and waking up to the sound of birds and beautiful sunrise views. 


If that’s not enough to bring out the explorer in you, there are even more parks and nature hikes, to enjoy along with boat rides and rafting. Don’t look past the incredible culture as well, including unique architecture, stunning religious sites and bustling neighbourhoods where you can load up on delicious momos. Without a doubt, if you love adventure you’re sure to love Nepal. 



Indulge your luxurious side in The Maldives


We get it, not everyone wants a jam-packed holiday. For those who are simply looking to kick their feet up, relax and soak up the good vibes, there’s the ever-luxurious Maldives. A country that is 99% turquoise water and 1% land, The Maldives takes island living to a whole new level. On the huge number of sandy islands that make up the country, there are over 200 resorts to choose from — offering something unique for every kind of traveller. Take the Six Senses in Laamu, for instance. This sustainable, eco-luxury resort boasts superb dining, a spa and a private beach. Book an overwater villa with an infinity pool to enjoy ultimate luxury. The only downside to visiting The Maldives? You’ll never want to leave this peaceful paradise. 




Stick to a tight budget in Vietnam


When you’re being forced to budget but are looking for the trip of a lifetime, there’s nowhere better to fly to than Vietnam. Often referred to as the “S-shaped country” due to its unique shape, this long, narrow country has plenty of affordable cities to choose from. Stop by Hanoi for mouth-watering pho, banh mi and bun cha on every corner for a whole lot cheaper than you’d buy it back home (we’ll fork out for a $2.50 pho any day of the week! Especially one that tastes as good as the ones in Vietnam). 


Once you’ve slurped up as much pho as humanly possible, travel south to Hoi An and enter shopping heaven. This picturesque, ancient town is the perfect place to pick up inexpensive tailored suits and clothing, custom-made shoes and durable leather bags. Hoi An is also a hub for quality silk wares that can be transformed into any clothing you desire. Of course, a trip to Vietnam would not be complete without Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City on the itinerary. Another great place to shop, if you haven’t perfected your haggling skills in Hoi An you’re sure to be a pro in Saigon.




Live out your foodie dreams in Italy


Two of life’s greatest pleasures are pizza and pasta, so it’s no wonder their country of origin, Italy, is well-established as one of the foodie capitals of the world. However, before you lose all self-restraint and book the first flight you find, it’s important to know where in Italy to get what food, so you get the most out of your dining experience. Savour a rich tortellini in brodo in Bologna followed by an authentic carbonara (not your classic pub carbonara!) or cacio e pepe in Rome. Further south, treat yourself to a margarita pizza in Naples and a seafood pasta dish in Sicily, followed by sweet cannoli. Oh boy, our stomachs are grumbling just thinking about it!  




Immerse yourself in the culture of Sri Lanka 


Rich history, vibrant landscapes and friendly locals — there’s not much more you can ask for from the cultural gem that is Sri Lanka. With its underrated beaches to the south, dotted with Buddhist temples, to ancient ruins and Dutch-Portuguese relics in the north, cultural history buffs are sure to appreciate this incredible country. 


There are eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka to explore, including the sacred city of Anuradhapura and the old Dutch fort town of Galle. There’s the Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple, a cluster of 80 documented caves that form a temple and feature statues, royal treasures and hand-painted walls, as well as Polonnaruwa, an ancient city where you’ll find a 10th Century temple and palace ruins. Don’t miss out on Sigiriya — an ancient citadel atop a 200m-high rock. This small but mighty country is brimming with history and culture to discover for yourself. 



Embark on a solo trip to Iceland


It’s a common obstacle in the life of a solo traveller — your feet are itchy but you’re not sure where to travel on your own. We hear you! So how about a country rated one of the safest and happiest in the world? As well as being extremely safe, Iceland is also breathtakingly beautiful and the perfect place for some soul-searching. Without a doubt, focus on ticking the Northern Lights off your bucket list, but stay for the glaciers, Blue Lagoon, hikes and fun nights out in Reykjavik surrounded by easygoing locals.



Party all day and night in Spain


At all times of the year, party-goers flock to Spain to enjoy the country’s nightlife. The Spanish are famous for enjoying a late-night (technically early morning) boogie, and it’s not uncommon for them to get started around 2 am, with a lot of clubs and bars staying open until 5-6 am. If you do choose to party like the locals, be sure to prepare like them also, by taking a siesta around mid-afternoon, sipping on a late-afternoon coffee and delaying dinner until around 10 pm. For a beachside soiree head to Barcelona, live out your party island dreams in Gran Canaria or hit up the well-known club and DJ scene in Ibiza.   




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