6 Things To Know When Looking For An Airport Parking Service



Travel can be as stressful as it is exciting. One of the greatest concerns that come along with air travel is how you’re going to get to the airport. If you’ve found yourself without a ride to the airport, nothing beats driving yourself there! Here are some of the most over-looked factors when looking for an airport parking service:

Not all shuttle services are the same

Park and Ride airport parking services offer courtesy shuttle buses between the airport and the off-airport car park. While this is often the cheapest alternative to Sydney Airport parking, most shuttle services run on a schedule with some being on a 30 minute timetable, so there can be astonishingly lengthy waiting times. We completely understand this dilemma as you’ve just returned from a long flight and you just want to get home! The answer to this, is our on-demand shuttle service. Simply call us when you arrive at the airport and we’ll send one of our shuttles to personally pick you up! Our on-demand shuttle bus service is free with every booking.

Take note of the car park’s location as well as the pick-up point location

If you’re looking for the cheapest airport parking, you’ll most likely choose an off-airport car park. Although most off-airport car parks are located in the Mascot vicinity, their pick-up points vary significantly. Some off-airport car parks will direct you to the public Express Pick-Up point which is in fact a 15 minute walk from the terminal, with you needing to drag along your own luggage and any tired kids! The better alternative is to look for airport parking services that pick you up from the dedicated shuttle bay, located less than 2 minutes from the terminal. Now you might be questioning why don’t we all use the same pick-up point? Airport parking providers such as Park on King actually have to pay to enter the dedicated shuttle bay so you can bet we take your convenience very seriously.

Consider a reputable company

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could assume that all airport car parks were the same? The ugly truth about the airport parking industry is that some are just empty gravel yards masquerading as a car park, and even worst, shade cloth car parks claiming to offer undercover parking. Before you book your airport parking, look for real photos and real reviews from real customers. Thousands of travellers flying out of Sydney Airport choose Park on King every day for our purpose-built airport car park. We’re proud to have over 1,000+ five star reviews from our happy customers!

Read the fine print and make sure you can keep your keys

It’s easy to fall for the relaxed nature of an airport Meet and Greet service where you are seamlessly picked up in your own car but these cars are often carelessly driven to a muddy field several kilometres away. Holidaymakers can sometimes get speeding fines while they’re away or even return to find new dents and scratches on their vehicles! Some airport car parks will still request you leave your keys behind even if you choose a self-park option. This is so cars can be moved around like a game of Tetris when the car park is full. A tip would be to separate your house keys from your car keys so you’re only leaving your car keys behind but there’s nothing to stop them from racing your vehicle out of the car park either, clocking up additional kilometres! Make sure to read the fine print and ask yourself, would you trust your car keys to a stranger? When you park with Park on King, you’ll find your car exactly where you left it because you get to keep your keys.

Book early in case the car park is full

It is always worth pre-booking a parking space in advance in case you’re travelling during peak periods and the car park is booked out. This is especially the case during school holidays and long weekends. Park on King offers the option to pre-book your parking up to 9 months in advance with discounted early bird rates so you can make significant savings just by being organised!

Choose 24 hour security

Traditional long-term airport car parks are known targets for theft as they often have little or no security. Beyond closed circuit security monitoring, look for an airport car park that is staffed by real people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you park at Park on King, you can travel with total peace of mind knowing that we are a gated car park with over 40+ CCTV cameras and 24 hour roaming security.

Happy Customers!

Best place to park near the airport if you are travelling domestically or overseas. Prices are reasonable but their customer service is what makes them shine! Always a pleasant experience!



It's very close to the airport, the shuttle service worked beautifully, and it was reasonably priced. However, above all I was impressed by the friendliness of every employee I met working there.



Have been a customer on Park on King about 4 times now. Always impressed by their service and going above and beyond to make you feel like you're in safe hands.



The team was on time and informative and knew exactly where to be for for our return transfers. Made it very easy especially with 2 young children.



My goodness, the service was excellent and efficient on time for drop off and pick up. They took the hassle away and the trouble of trying to find a safe spot to park your car and return to pick it up.



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