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  • 5 Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
  • 5 Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday
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5 Ways To Save On Your Next Holiday


We all deserve a little rest and relaxation away from the normalcy of daily life. Whether it is backpacking around Europe, a road trip across America, immersing yourself in the diverse culture of Asia or sunbathing in the Bahamas, everyone has a dream destination. If you’re planning your next getaway, here are 5 of our best tips to make your dream holiday come true.

Research is Key
Now that you’ve imagined yourself in your dream location, the next step is to look at the logistics of how much this whole holiday will cost. This includes flights, accommodation, and other travel expenses like car hire. When it comes to booking, always seek out multiple options and don’t just settle for the first recommended link on Google. Take your time and compare prices and deals. Comparison websites are a great starting point, but remember to check with different browsers and make sure you’re flying on weekdays where rates and accommodation is slightly cheaper than the weekend.
The Earlier, The Better
It is vital that you book your flights as far in advance from your intended departure date as you can, because the later you leave it, the more expensive the flight will be. By booking earlier, you will feel more motivated to save, knowing that you have something tangible to work towards.
Budget, Budget, Budget
Start saving now! The best way to save money is by creating a direct debit scheme that automatically transfers a certain amount into a holiday savings account. Make sure to be reasonable with how much you can save away each month. Most importantly, try your hardest to not access the account, as this defeats the purpose of creating it and you will also lose the interest that it is accumulating.
It Pays to Pack Light
If you can, pack the bare minimum and fit it all into a carry-on suitcase or bag. This will automatically cheapen the cost of your flight and lessen the stress from travelling, as you will avoid the wait of checking in your baggage and claiming it at the end of the flight. This tip will also reduce the weight from your shoulders, as you won’t need to lug around a 30kg bag to each destination. Click here, for some packing tips to be the ultimate smart packer!
Cheap and Convenient Parking
Whether it is a domestic or international holiday, the cheapest and most convenient way to travel to the airport is by driving and parking at Park on King. Our services offer safe and secure parking options, and a free on demand shuttle bus service from both Domestic and International Terminals. Book now for cheap and affordable airport parking in Sydney!

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